Vita Peel

Vita Peel

Vita Peel is a retinoic acid peel which is an effective way to improve the overall condition of the skin and to produce a healthy more vibrant complexion. Vita Peels are often used on those who have blocked, congested, dull and sun-damaged skin, pigmentation disorders and for those who wish to feel rejuvenated.

Please note: Vita Peels cannot be performed on pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Yes.  Vita Peels are extremely safe.  This specialist only peel is suitable for the majority of people with differing skin types.

The Vita Peel has minimal disruption to your daily activities and takes roughly 20 minutes to perform at Westside Dermatology.  Following application you are free to return to your daily activities however keeping in mind that the peel must remain in contact with your skin for 6 hours.  So we advise to avoid heavy laborious jobs and exercise for the remaining day. After the 6 hour incubation time the peel can then be removed with a gentle cleanser and a non-comedogenic moisturiser.

Your skin will initially be cleansed to remove any make up or sunscreen from the day’s activities.  The peeling agent is then applied to your skin.  You will not feel any sensations during the application.  After the application you may notice that you skin feels a little tight.  After the 6 hour incubation time of the Vita Peel, you must gently remove the peel with a gentle cleanser to begin the rejuvenation process. Everyone responds at different rates however it is usual to look very similar the following day after treatment.

Upon completion of the application of the Vita Peel your skin will appear to have a yellow glow-like appearance, this is due to the natural colour of the retinoic acid.  The healing response differs from patient to patient and it is usual that you will continue to look quite normal the following day after treatment.  Different levels of exfoliation may occur from very mild to quite obvious flaking.  This usually begins on day three and again on day five following the peel. Normal gentle cleansing and moisturising can occur during the peeling phase, it is also recommended that strict sun protection be adhered to (sunscreen, hats, shade) and make-up can be worn if desired.

Following any skin peel the new skin forming will be sensitive which means sun protection is vital. A broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 50+) should be worn daily and re-applied as directed. Sun exposure should be avoided whilst undergoing treatment and solarium use be discontinued.

It is also critical to refrain from any at-home treatments for your skin unless directed by your practitioner. Products with active ingredients should be avoided two days prior and for up to seven days following treatment. Strict adherence to post treatment instructions as directed from your treating practitioner will ensure correct healing.

Results are noticed at the completion of the first peel.  This peel tends to even out your skin colour, increase the skin’s thickness and reduce sunspots and facial blemishes.   It also leaves you with a brighter skin appearance with texture and tone changes. Vita Peels are also known to stimulate new collagen formation.  For optimal results we recommend doing a series of Vita Peels over the course of several months.

The effects of the Vita Peel are long lasting.  As the skin suffers from both ageing process and sun damages, the Vita Peel is an efficient rejuvenation procedure to successfully achieve radiant and refreshed skin.  Maintaining a healthy skin routine at home is essential to extend the results as long as possible. Our specialists will be able to advise you which products can assist you maintaining a clear and healthy skin.

Please contact us for pricing.  A free consultation with one of our Registered Nurses is recommended prior to commencement with Vita Peels.