Clear Skin Program

Clear Skin Program

This AHA Chemical Peel program, combined with Acne Light treatment, is designed for patients who have undergone acne treatments and is aimed at improving skin tone, texture and mild acne scarring. Treatments are simple, cost effective, with no patient downtime.


  • This 8 week programme is designed to reduce mild acne scarring and improve skin texture
  • Treatments are quick with little or no patient downtime
  • LED acne light treatments are designed to induce rejuvenation of dermal collagen, reducing potential scarring and improve healing of the skin
  • AHA Glycolic peels are used as part of the clear skin programme.  Peels improve skin texture and also stimulate dermal collagen- aiming at improving skin tone and reducing mild acne scarring
  • Patient have the option of starting this programme once acne is under control or when their acne treatments are completed.
  • Patients on Roaccutane/ Oratane MUST wait at least 8 weeks before undertaking the Clear skin Programme.
  • For patients with moderate to severe scarring, the clear skin programme has limited efficacy- the acne scar revision programme is a more effective option.

This programme is a medically prescribed regime designed to maximise the skin’s texture after acne has improved. The aims of this 8 week regime is to reduce acne scarring, improve skin texture and prevent acne from recurring. This programme is designed for patients who are looking to improve the condition of the skin once acne has been treated. It is NOT designed to treat active acne.

The Clear Skin programme is a three step process which can be incorporated into your current acne regime at any given time -providing that acne is under control. Roaccutane/ Oratane patients must wait at least 8 weeks before undertaking this programme.

The first step

The first step in this programme is the use of a prescription vitamin A cream. Medically prescribed Vitamin a cream has several actions on the skin including treating acne at the molecular level, reduction of mild UV induced damage to the skin, reduction of fine wrinkles and scar reduction. Retinoids creams are a form of Vitamin A which are prescribed at a known concentration.  A prescription enables the dermatologist  control over the purity, form and concentration of Vitamin A prescribed.  In summary, a prescription vitamin A cream can reduce the formation of comedones (acne lesions), and due to the regenerative effects on dermal collagen, can reduce scar formation. Vitamin A also thickens and normalises the epidermis- improving skin texture over time.

The second step

The second step in the clear skin programme is the use of LED technology- also known as ‘acne light or acne laser treatment.’ In this setting, a high energy red light is used to stimulate collagen and aid in the repair of the upper layers of the skin. The result is a reduction in mild scarring, and increased skin recovery times.  Dermatologist generally do not recommend LED acne light treatments as a sole treatment of active acne, however LED treatments have been documented to reduce mild scarring over time.  LED acne light treatments are painless and take approximately 10 minutes to perform. 4-5 treatments are recommended as part of the programme.

The third step

The third step involves AHA peels/ Glycolic acid peels. Chemical peels are designed to improve skin texture , unclog pores and stimulate dermal collagen.  As part of the 10 week Clear skin programme, peels can reduce mild acne scarring. AHA peels are conducted every 2 weeks by our speciality nurses. They take approximately 10-15 minutes to perform and are usually performed one week after LED acne light treatments. Essentially patients alternate between LED acne light treatments and AHA peels every week for 8 weeks.

A sample prescription of the Clear Skin programme is outlined below. Patients are encouraged to complete this regime in 8 to 10 weeks.

  • Vitamin A(retinoid) cream- retinoid type, concentration and application frequency prescribed according to patient’s skin type and history – typically 4-7 applications per week. (This is omited in pregnant /breastfeeding women)
  • Recommended cleanser and moisturiser – Cetaphil , QV or La Roche Posay products
  • AHA peels- conducted every 2 weeks. 4 peels in total. Patients can NOT decrease the spacing between peels as the skin needs to recover between visits.
  • LED acne light treatments – conducted every 1-2 weeks. 4 treatments in total.  Typically patients undergo LED treatments and AHA peels at alternating weeks.

Patients can undertake the clear skin programme on advise of their specialist at any time into their acne treatments, however we only encourage patients to enter the programme once acne is under control. In patients who are pregnant or contemplating pregnancy, dermatologists do NOT prescribe Vitamin A cream as high doses of vitamin A can be harmful to developing babies.

Roaccutane or Oratane patients are NOT permitted to enter the Clear Skin Programme until cleared by their dermatologist. Typically patients will need to wait 8 weeks as skin fragility maybe an issue with higher concentrations of AHA / Glycolic acid peels.

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The clear skin programme is designed  as a post acne treatment regime for patients with mild textural change, blocked pores and MILD scarring. Patients with moderate to severe acne scarring will benefit from  acne scar revision procedures including Fractional Laser Resurfacing.

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Patients undergoing acne treatments at Westside Dermatology  can request to book into the Clear Skin programme at anytime.  For patients who have completed acne treatments at other centres and would like to enrol in the ClearSkin Programme, a referral to a Specialist Dermatologist is recommended. This ensures that the optimal concentration of glycolic peels and creams are prescribed.

For more information on bookings and referrals call Westside Dermatology reception on (07) 3871 3437  (0800- 1730 Monday to Friday.)

The clear skin programme is a prescribed proven method of improving skin texture and aids the skin to recover after the insult of acne.  Only mild scarring will be improved, however the overall skin texture will be improved in the majority of patients.

The combination of Vitamin A on the skin, AHA Glycolic acid and red light stimulates and repairs dermal collagen.