Melanoma and Mole Clinic

Melanoma and Mole Clinic

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer, which has the potential to rapidly spread to other parts of the body and become life threatening. Queensland has the highest rate of melanoma occurrence in the world. The Brisbane Mole and Melanoma clinic, screens high-risk patients to provide early diagnosis of melanoma.

Important facts

Melanomas either develop from an existing mole or appear as a new brown, red or black spot which changes and grows in size.

The Brisbane Melanoma and Mole Clinic is a private practice clinic based at Westside Dermatology.  Specialist dermatologists will be personally consulting on and reviewing patients with:

  • a history of melanoma
  • familial atypical melanoma and mole syndrome (dysplastic naevus syndrome)
  • atypical pigmented lesions on difficult biopsy sites (eg. Palms/soles, genitalia, faces, children)

In at-risk patients, regular skin screening is advised.  Your dermatologist will recommend at what intervals a skin check should be conducted as this may vary between individuals.

Referrals from both general practitioners and specialists are welcome.