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Vitiligo treatments

Vitiligo is a common disorder that produces white patches on the skin. Emerging treatments have provided hope for vitiligo patients. Westside Dermatology provides Specialist treatment of vitiligo with a dedicated Brisbane clinic and re-colouring program. Our combination of phototherapy with anti-inflammatory creams can help up to 80% of patients regain their pigmentation. Treatments are simple, safe, and covered under Medicare.

Important facts

  • Vitiligo is an immune mediated skin disorder affecting 1%-2% of the population and presents as white patches on the skin
  • The majority of vitiligo patients are in good health, however a minority may also have autoimmune related conditions such as thyroid disease and diabetes
  • Treatments are successful in majority of cases
  • Narrowband Phototherapy is a safe and effective treatment for vitiligo
  • Westside Dermatology’s 20-week vitiligo repigmentation program consists of anti-inflammatory creams and a series of phototherapy sessions
  • Our success rate for re-pigmentation is up to 80%
  • Phototherapy sessions are covered under Medicare, with no out of pocket expense to vitiligo patients
  • Specialists at Westside Dermatology treats vitiligo in all ages, including children and adults